Drifting a car is a fantastic experience and represents the ultimate form of car control. To achieve this, you need to have gone through some exercises to master the right techniques. And all this is accessible through our DriftDRIVE trainings from €295. On a drift track, in Bruges covered with a specific coating, and with specially prepared vehicles, you will learn the basics of drifting, safely and at low speed via the instructions and advice of Jeffrey Van Hooydonk and his professional instructors.

“Feel the sensations with DriftDRIVE!”

Practical details

  • Where: 1, Rue Voie de Liège, 4681 Hermalle-sous-Argenteau
  • 4-hour training
  • With DreamDrive Drift cars
  • Max 4 cars on track per exercise (no waiting time)
  • Filled bread rolls during lunch
  • Coffee and cold drinks at will

DriftDRIVE Timing

  • 00.30 pm Arrival and welcome of participants
  • 01.00 pm Briefing by Jeffrey Van Hooydonk
  • 01.15 pm Start DriftDRIVE – Roundabout from left
  • 02.00 pm Roundabout from right
  • 03.00 pm Drift in S-turn
  • 04.00 pm Drift on course in “M” shape
  • 05.00 pm End of training 

2019 Calendar

  • Sunday, March 3th, 2019 (full)
  • Monday, April 22, 2019 (full)
  • Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 (full)
  • Monday, June 10th, 2019 (public holiday)



Drift cars

  • BMW 325i, 328i and 330i (always more than 200 hp)
  • Rear wheel drive, limited slip differentials
  • Drift cars in manual as well as in automatic


  • DriftKING         590 € p.p.  (privatized drift car)
  • DriftSTAR         295 € p.p. (car shared by 2 drivers)
  • Price including 21% VAT
  • Private DriftDRIVE with Jeffrey Van Hooydonk: price on request, custom formula

Jeffrey Van Hoodonk as a coach



A lot of driving time



Demanding exercises



Specifically equipped cars



Most beautiful training ground of Belgium


“Drifting is really excellent! I do not know what can be more fun when driving a car? ”

Jeffrey Van Hooydonk

Private DriftDRIVE :


The private training is the most effective way to learn to drift.

After 3 hours of intensive training with Jeffrey Van Hooydonk, you will be able to write your signature on the asphalt by drifting with our vehicles!

  •  Jeffrey Van Hooydonk as personal coach
  • Basic formula = 3 hours of training
  • Porsche Cayman S (300hp) available
  • 2nd driver / guest included in the price
  • Possibility of driving with your own car
  • Possibility of reservation by the hour