There are chances that as a driver, you have already had to perform an emergency braking, an avoidance manoeuver… in a moment of panic, obviously. During the SafetyDrive course, you learn the techniques to overcome these anxieties, by adopting the appropriate reactions, so that during these emergency situations, the driver stays in control of his vehicle and is more self-confident.

Reacting the right way in case of aquaplaning, avoiding an obstacle during an emergency braking, keeping control in case of oversteer or understeer. So many practices that you will master after a basic training. Safety First, at the steering wheel as well, thanks to SafetyDRIVE.

Private training

With our private trainings, you will learn to control a vehicle sideways, at your own pace and in all discretion (absence of other trainees). In this context, the exercises are never too easy, or too complex, which is not always the case during group training. This private 3-hour training with Jeffrey Van Hooydonk is also one of the most effective and popular SafetyDRIVE formulas.

” SafetyDRIVE makes you a more responsive and safer driver! “

SafetyDrive Jeffrey Van Hooydonk Porsche

Train uzelf… want het dagelijks verkeer is levensgevaarlijk!


Private ground of 30,000 m²

Automatic watering system and low adherence coating


Jeffrey Van Hooydonk as personal instructor

Over 20 years experience


Choice of different cars

Front or rear wheel drive, manual or automatic


Fuel the body

Drinks and snacks during the training


GoPro Images

from the cabin, available on USB sticks (on request).

Private Training rate

  • Private training with Jeffrey Van Hooydonk (3 hours)
  • Possibility to drive with your own vehicle
  • 2nd driver / guest = free

Group rate (corporate)

  • For 16 people, half-day training (4h):
  • 190 euros (VAT excl.) per person
  • (Price subject to modifications)

Some Reference Dreamcars