The DreamDrive Racing School is tailored for all pilots.

From the first meters on the circuit… until your first podium, we offer you the appropriate training!

Thanks to our unique approach and infrastructures, the best pilots from Benelux come to train with us during the winter period.

Our in-depth circuit trainings even bring that little bit more, which guarantees a high top speed from the start of the season.



Buckle up… and live this unique experience!

“A pilot with the right techniques easily controls a racing car overflowing its limits. Because he feels it coming! “

Jeffrey Van Hooydonk

In half a day, you already have your pilot license!

Get your pilot license via DreamDrive

With a license, you can participate in all international trackdays (every Thursday in winter at Zolder).

After an afternoon in Zolder or Mettet, you already have your license.

It is important to know that some insurance companies will only cover your racing car if you have a license.

DreamDrive organizes all the appointments and ensures all the paperwork, so that you only have the driving to keep in mind.